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Gas Furnaces

Whether you’ve been a dedicated gas consumer for years or you’re just making the transition now, having a new gas furnace installed is a big step. These are large pieces of equipment and you don’t want to spend a ton of money unless you know you’re getting the right product installed the right way. With over twenty years of experience installing and maintaining gas furnaces for our customers, we at Bahr’s have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right for you.

Why Use Propane Gas?

Propane gas furnaces are a popular choice for a number of reasons. Their energy efficiency and economical nature appeal to many consumers, as does the reliable heat they produce throughout the coldest winter months. Most gas furnaces will cost you significantly less to operate than the alternatives, and they are powerful enough to keep you and your family warm even on the chilliest nights.

Gas Furnace Sizes

When you’re selecting a gas furnace, however, it’s very important that you choose one that’s the right size for your home. If you choose one that’s too small, it simply won’t be able to keep your house warm and you’ll be paying high heating bills for little warmth in return. On the other hand, a furnace that’s too large and powerful will wind up switching on and off frequently, resulting in extra wear and tear on the parts.

Neither of these options is particularly appealing, which is why we at Bahr’s will take the time to measure all aspects of your home. By doing this, we can accurately determine the appropriate size furnace to suit your needs. That way, you won’t wind up paying for a piece of equipment that is larger than what you need and you won’t have to shiver your way through the winter either.

Gas Furnace Installation

Making sure that your gas furnace is installed properly is also very important. A furnace that is not properly hooked up won’t keep your house warm the way it should. It may also incur some damage or abnormal wear and tear from trying to compensate for the improper installation. Bahr’s propane gas furnace installation technicians have extensive experience with this type of work. We’ll make sure that your furnace is installed the right way the first time and that you don’t wind up paying for heat you’re not getting.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

If you want your furnace to keep running efficiently, regular maintenance is a must. That’s why Bahr’s offers comprehensive natural gas furnace maintenance services designed to keep your furnace in good working order for years to come. Even just having us come out to inspect your unit once a year and make any necessary tweaks can greatly improve the efficiency of your furnace and also serve to extend its life significantly.

Without taking the time to schedule regular maintenance, however, you can quickly wind up with a furnace that isn’t functioning as well as it could and facing costly repairs. An inefficient furnace can wind up costing you more in heating costs than necessary over time. Plus, regular maintenance will keep your furnace running longer, preventing you from having to purchase a new one.

We Know Gas Furnaces

When you choose Bahr’s to install, maintain and repair your natural gas furnace, you’ll be getting a professional agency that values its customers and is committed to providing high quality products and services every time. We know that our customers are the only reason we stay in business, and so we make it a priority to see that your needs are met to the best of our ability on every interaction we have with you.