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Germicidal UV Light Air Cleaner

Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Air Cleaning

The improved air sealing of newer homes is great for improving home heating and AC system’s energy efficiency, but airtight homes also trap viruses, mold and bacteria. In your home’s air, these items can cause allergy problems and even asthma attacks. Bahr’s ultraviolet germicidal light (UV light) air duct cleaning systems can help maintain your family’s health while also maintaining home comfort system performance. Bahr’s Propane and AC’s HVAC technicians can help you decide if UV light air cleaning is the best option for your Zephyrhills area home. If it is, we will install the system and you’ll be breathing cleaner air in no time.

Because bacteria may grown near the indoor coil, ultraviolet air cleaning lights are mounted inside air conditioning and heating systems. Any microbial growth is destroyed by the UV light’s rays, leaving the coil clean and your family breathing healthy, fresh air.

The following are among the many benefits of Bahr’s ultraviolet light air cleaning:

  • Indoor air quality improvements

  • Elimination of foul odors

  • Improvements to HVAC system efficiency

  • Energy consumption reduction