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Propane FAQs

What advantages does propane have over other energy sources?

There are actually quite a few advantages to using propane as opposed to the other top home energy sources. For one thing, propane heating systems and appliances are extremely efficient, meaning that you’re only paying for the gas that you actually use. Also, you can use propane for tasks as diverse as drying clothes and heating the water in your swimming pool.

Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel as well, so you can use it without worrying about damaging the environment. And the majority of propane used in this country is produced on this continent, which helps to make America more energy-independent moving forward.

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Is propane only used for heating?

No. While home heating is the most common way that propane is used, it is far from the only way. In fact, propane can power many of the standard appliances in your home, from your clothes dryer to your stove to your hot water heater. You can even use your central propane tank to power your outdoor gas grill. The more you use propane for, the more money you’ll save in the long run.

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How safe is propane?

Propane gas is an extremely safe source of energy. Propane tanks are highly resistant to damage and must conform to strict government regulations. There are many regulations governing the placement of propane tanks as well, increasing the overall safety of the system. Also, as part of our service agreement with you, we will check periodically to make sure that all parts of your propane system and all of your propane appliances are functioning properly.

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Do I need to be home every time I get a propane delivery?

You don’t need to be home for any propane deliveries following the initial one. Our delivery driver will simply leave a slip to alert you to the fact that your tank has been filled. However, if there is a new situation on your property that might impact delivery, such as a new septic tank installation or new power lines on his route to your tank, you should be there so that you can let the driver know so that he can make his delivery safely.

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How much will it cost to refill my tank if I bring it to you?

5LB refill costs $6.00 ~ 10LB refill costs $9.00 ~ 20LB refill costs $14.00 ~ 30LB refill costs $20.00 40LB refill costs $27.00 ~ 50LB refill costs $39.00 ~ 60LB refill costs $39.00 ~ 100LB refill costs $66.00

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What should I do if I smell gas in my kitchen coming from my cook stove/range?

Call your propane company! You are probably out of gas and need it refilled or exchanged. Most often it is an empty tank that the odorant has concentrated in the bottom of and is releasing the smell into your home. If you go outside and turn off the empty tank, the smell should dissipate within 15 minutes or so. If you have turned off the empty tank and the smell does not go away, let your gas company know immediately.

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What is this Hazmat Fee and why am I being charged?

It is a Hazardous Materials Transportation Fee that is charged to us by the government that we, unfortunately, have to pass on to our customers.

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Why am I renting your propane equipment?

By leasing our propane equipment, the Annual Cylinder Service Fee makes us responsible for the propane tank(s), the pigtail(s), and the regulator. If a malfunction should occur with the propane tank(s), pigtail(s), and/or regulator, it will be replaced by us at no charge to you. However, if the problem occurs beyond the regulator, we can fix it, but the cost(s) are not our responsibility.

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"...When we arrived home then next day after call, we found fuel had been delivered very efficiently to our surprise. We want to thank you for your efficient, considerate service- Happy New Year!" Lois E.

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