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Propane Tank and Appliance Repair

Propane is a safe and efficient source of power that you can use to heat your home and power quite a few different types of appliances. Just like anything else, though, these propane tanks and appliances do wind up needing repairs from time to time. When that need arises, we at Bahr’s Propane will be there to assist our customers in the Zephyrhills and Dade City area. Simply give us a call and we’ll send a technician right out to evaluate your situation and address the problem.

When to Call for Propane Service

Of course, before you can call us for help, you need to know that there is something wrong with your tank or appliances. The most obvious sign of a leak or malfunction is the odor of the gas itself. While propane does not have an odor, there is one added to it for safety purposes. You should make sure that you and your family members are familiar with the odor of the gas in your tank so that you will immediately recognize it in the event of a leak.

If you do smell propane, it’s very important that you don’t do anything that could cause a spark. Do not switch any lights on or off and remove all smoking materials from the area. You should also be aware that, because propane is heavier than air, it will settle at the lowest point in your house. You should stay away from these areas if you think there may be propane escaping from your tank or appliances.

Anytime you feel that a problem could exist, don’t hesitate to call us. We will dispatch our technicians as quickly as possible so that you can set your mind at ease and enjoy the convenience of propane heat and appliances once again.

Empty Propane Tanks

It’s also good to be aware that you may smell a strong odor of propane gas when your tank is empty. This is because the odor can sometimes settle and collect in the bottom of the tank. When the propane supply runs low, you are left simply with the concentrated odor. While this does not mean you have a propane leak, you should still call us right away so that we can come out and fill up your tank.

In that type of situation, we will also be able to perform a leak check to ensure that you didn’t run out of propane because of a problem with your system. In order to ensure that you don’t run out of propane again, one of our technicians will be happy to show you how to read the gauge on your tank so that you will know when to call for a refill.

Propane Pros

No matter how handy you are or how simply you think a problem with your propane tank or appliance may be to fix, you should always call Bahr’s so that our expert technicians can come out and take care of your problem for you. Propane is no more dangerous than any other power source, but it’s always best to let professionally trained workers perform the necessary maintenance or repairs.

Also, remember that we will help you with any and all propane-related issues you may have regardless of whether you purchased the tank or appliance from us to begin with. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of propane tank and appliance repair, and are able to safely and competently assess and address any situations that may arise.

When you rely on Bahr’s for your propane needs, you can rest assured that we will always be just a phone call away.