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Propane Water Heaters

Propane hot water heaters are an excellent option when you’re looking for an efficient and convenient way to provide hot water for your Zephyrhills, FL area home. Here at Bahr’s Propane, we offer both Noritz and Rinnai tankless hot water heaters that can give you and your family reliable hot water at a significant savings over time. Before you make a decision about which way to go in this area, give us a call to see what our expert technicians can tell you about the superior products we offer.

Standard Hot Water Heaters

When you think of a hot water heater, you’re probably picturing a big tank. After all, the water has to be heated somewhere, right? And that’s what most traditional water heaters look like no matter what type of fuel they run on. With this type of design, the tank is filled with water, which is then heated and kept hot until you need it. You simply turn on the hot water tap and it’s there.

While it makes sense that you’d want hot water ready and waiting for you, it’s also important to remember that keeping that water hot takes energy even when you aren’t using it. This means that regardless of when or how much water you use, you’ll always be spending something to just keep the water in your tank hot. It may seem like a small price to pay for the convenience, but the cost of this type of hot water heater will accumulate over time.

On-Demand Tankless Water Heaters

But what choice do you have? After all, you want to have hot water there when you need it, so that must mean that you have to pay to keep it hot all the time, right? Actually, there is another option. The tankless water heaters we sell, install, and maintain at Bahr’s are every bit as capable of delivering hot water quickly when you need it. The only difference is that they don’t have a tank that you have to be paying to heat all the time.

Tankless water heaters work by circulating water through a system of heated coils before directing it into the pipes attached to your tap. That means that they don’t actually use any propane at all until you turn on the hot water to use it. This makes them much more energy efficient than the standard alternative, without costing you any of the convenience you would get from having a traditional hot water tank.

Many people have shied away from tankless hot water heaters in the past because they do tend to cost more initially. However, the amount that you save by not having to keep a tank full of hot water on hand at all times will quickly add up. In fact, this savings will more than make up for the difference in price between standard hot water heaters and the tankless alternatives that we offer.

Good for the Environment, Good for Your Budget

Also, if you act quickly, you may qualify for a $1,500 tax credit when you choose to have us install a propane tankless hot water heater for you. That’s because tankless water heaters aren’t just good for your bank account – they’re good for the environment too. By using less fuel, these hot water heaters help conserve resources and produce fewer emissions, making them the best choice for both budget and environmentally conscious consumers.

Of course, choosing to purchase a new hot water heater is a big decision and one you’re going to have to live with for a long time. That’s why we at Bahr’s are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our various products and about the installation and maintenance process. When you buy from us, you’re not making a one-time purchase. You’re entering into a partnership, and you can rest assured that we’ll be there to perform both scheduled maintenance and repairs whenever you need them.


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